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New Kids on the Block

We're very excited to be partnering with two amazing local businesses: Kenrose Bakery in Carina, and Marigold Haus in Ashgrove!

Marigold Haus is dedicated to supporting mindfully made products from small businesses. Their products range from artwork, honey, plants, and dolls. The owner, Madi, is super friendly and makes a mean coffee!
Marigold Haus for Mailing List
Kenrose Bakery for Mailing List

Kenrose Bakery is nestled amongst the Carina suburban streets near D'arcy and Creek Road. Their space is bright and open and has a small selection of coffee merchandise to offer alongside our products. Their delicious focaccia sandwiches are also perfect for any time of day!
Next time you're in the area, why not visit one of these local icons and enjoy all they have to offer. Follow the links to see more.


From the classic, grand designs of Colonials, the Queenslander style naturally evolved to what is known as a Bungalow. Where Colonials featured a stepped roof design, the Bungalow's continuous roof made construction easier and more economical.
Archive image of Bungalow House

Bungalow styles are generally distinguished by whether they have a full, L-shaped or U-shaped verandah, but two Bungalows are rarely the same. More asymmetry can be found in the Bungalow style and a lot of houses feature different customizations, some of which tend to be considered their own styles.

A common customization is adding a gable and bay window, and it's not hard to see the appeal. What a beautiful feeling it would be to look across the Brisbane landscape as you enjoy a cuppa.
This is one of Debra's favourite Bungalow styles and can be seen on the left of her artwork Confetti-Avenues.
Bungalow Example from Newsletter
A number of Bungalows have stood the test of time and can be found nestled on suburban streets across Queensland. How many can you find in your neighbourhood?

A Special Gift for Mum

Where would we be without mothers? Whether it be biological, adopted, or chosen mothers, they are all special people who provide love and support for those around them. And with Mother's Day just around the corner, why not treat Mum to a truly special gift this year?

This year we are offering 6 different Mother's Day gift bundles. Each bundle includes three specially selected tea blends from local makers, Tour de Tea, each flavour with their own story; and a hand-crafted tea beaker made by local artist, Ronelle Clarke, featuring the Brisbane River wrapping around the lip, topped with Confetti.

Follow the links to view the different Bundle options, as well as Tour de Tea and Ronelle Clarke's other fabulous creations!
Mother's Day Bundles
Ronelle Clarke logo - for Mailing List and Tea Beaker
Confetti Tea Bundle - Umbrella, Coasters, Crystal Block, Candle, Tea and Tea Beaker - Inside box on white background
Tour de Tea - for Mailing List

Umbrellas have Arrived!

As you may have seen on our socials, we're super excited about the arrival of our new umbrellas!

The 3rd Debra Hood Art Umbrella design comes from her artwork, Saffron Sunset over Brisbane.

Brisbane sunsets of spicy saffron hold us in awe and as daylight closes, a shimmering blanket of blazing red and orange spread across Brisbane hills. This fiery glow reflects over the tin roofs kissing our Queenslanders goodnight. Saffron Sunset Over Brisbane focuses on the inner city hills of Rosalie, Paddington, Bardon and Red Hill.

Available in two variations - fold up, or straight with curved handle - the bright and colourful artwork will help keep your spirits up on the gloomiest of days!

Fold-out Umbrella - Saffron Sunset - without cover
Umbrella - Saffron Sunset - open
Mother's Day Bundles

Be Original

Although our reproductions are fantastic, there is always something special about owning the real thing. Thankfully, a select few Debra Hood original artworks are available for sale via Bluethumb and Art Lovers Australia.
Brisbane CBD Blocks, Clock Tower Romance under a Papaya Sky, and the original Confetti 6-9 are available on both websites, and some limited edition reproductions are also listed on Art Lovers Australia!
Click the button below to view Debra's originals and more fantastic artwork from a huge range of artists.
Brisbane CBD Blocks - Artwork by Debra Hood

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The team at Debra Hood Art acknowledges the Jagera and Turrbul peoples as traditional owners of the land the beautiful Meanjin/Brisbane city resides. We recognise their connection to land, wind, water and community and pay respects to elders, past, present and emerging. The Meanjin/Brisbane area has such a splendid abundance of nature, and we feel so lucky to be able to capture and share its beauty through art.

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