Confetti Domes


With the rise of plastic in the 1950’s, snow domes or globes (depending on the shape), became common household collectables often bought back as a holiday memento. They eventually fell out of fashion, being perceived as kitsch and tacky. However, these days, collectors scour the internet looking for the most weird and wonderful domes from all corners of the world. With its excessive garishness and sentimentality, the irony of the snow dome is widely appreciated. Brisbane’s heat and humidity has turned us into an insouciant lot; not taking ourselves too seriously. Our lifestyle consists primarily of enjoyment in the vibrantly coloured outdoors. Even the Brisbane River, despiteflooding us incessantly with her ‘brown snake’ sludge and hiding bull-sharks under the surface, remains an endearing connection to our Brisbane reality.

From our rejuvenated iconic Queenslander houses, plethora of neon signs and garden gnomes, love of Expo 88 and Stefan’s tower, we continue to embrace with honour, the nostalgic, the kitsch and the memories of previous generations throughout our suburban spaces.

The Confetti Dome was the brainchild of my dear friend, Christine, as we talked about the most quintessentially kitsch Brisbane product we could think of and hence the Confetti Dome was created. It is an ode to the year-round explosions of colour in our city from jacarandas, pink trumpet trees, golden pendas and poincianas. Brisbane’s very own version of snow. We hope these fondly named confetti domes bring a smile to your face during the hottest of Queensland days.

Fun Fact: In September 1958, four people saw snowflakes in Moorooka, Woolowin, Bowen Hills and Taringa!

$55.00 inc. GST


Please choose a glitter colour and 2 designs from the "Additional Information" tab to be  included in your Confetti Dome


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Dome Choices

Dome 1, Dome 2, Dome 3, Dome 4, Dome 5, Dome 6, Dome 7, Dome 8, Dome 9, Dome 10

Glitter Colours

Pink - Pink Trumpet Trees in Brisbane, Blue - Blue Sky, Yellow - Golden Penda Trees, Red and Green - Poinciana Trees, Purple/Blues - Jacaranda Trees, Multicolour - All the Splendour at Once!